Head of Department - PhD (Economic Sciences)

    Olga Anisimova








Leading researchers 

Arkadiy Levin - Chief specialist,Coordinator on International Cooperation of the Institute
Tetyana Laktionova- PhD (Agricultural Sciences), Senior Researcher
Victoria Horyakina- Researcher
Main directions in scientific, economic and marketing activities
  • Development of methodical approaches and preparation for the transfer of innovative technologies in the field of Soil Science, Agrochemistry and Soil Protection.
  • Organisation and carrying out of marketing research for studying potential and prospective sales markets, dynamics and specificity of the demand for scientific and technical products of the Institute.
  • Justification of the economic basis of developments and paid services, by the Institute.
  • Carrying out of research on the commercialization of intellectual property rights.
  • Development of business plans, business projects, industrial programs, innovative and investment projects.
  • Patent and conjunctural research on topical themes of public order or the order of organizations, enterprises, institutions.
  • Compiling, filing and support of applications for patents of Ukraine on inventions or utility model, the annual support of their action.
  • Assessment of the cost of official intellectual property rights and support throughout their life cycle, development and signing of agreements on disposal of property and non-property rights to the service of intellectual property rights (copyright agreements, license agreements, agreements on the transfer of property rights, contracts for tech-nology transfer, etc.).
  • Advertising and exhibition activities.
  • Support of the web-site of the Institute
  • Organization of seminars, conferences, workshops
Main directions in international activities
  • Carrying out activities of the Institute related to cooperation with the Global Soil Partnership (FAO) as the focal point of Ukraine.
  • Implementation of measures on the entry of the Institution in International network of soil-information organizations.
  • Establishment of cooperation with foreign partners.
  • Preparation of proposals for participation of the Institute in the Framework Programme of European Union “Horizon 2020”; improving the image of the Institute and its leading scientists in the English scientific space.
  • Preparation of proposals for foreign internships of the Institute employees and promoting their organization.
  • Ensuring the participation of the Institute in the international organizations, preparation of English promotional and informational materials
Other activities within the Department
  • Preparation and publication of the Collected papers “Agrochemistry and Soil Science”, which was founded in 1966 (certificate of registration № КВ №20942-10742Пр) for publishing scientific articles on the results of theoretical, experimental and methodological research in priority areas of soil science, agrochemistry, agroecology, agriculture and other sciences. According to the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine (29.12.2014 №1528) it included in the list of scientific professional publications of Ukraine in the fields of agricultural sciences and biological sciences. Since the establishment of the total number of issues is 85, and starting from 2013 it is created web site of the proceedings:
  • Organization of activity of the Institute Scientific Library, which was founded in 1956. Today in the library there are about 80 thousand specimens of special editions of scientific, technical and reference books on all aspects of soil science and agrochemistry and related sciences – geology, hydrology, geomorphology, biochemistry, agroecology, microbiology, plant physiology and more. The basis of the library collection is fundamental works of the founders of soil sciences: V.V. Dokuchaev, D.M. Pryanishnikov, V.R Williams,O.N. Sokolovsky and other. The library contains not only the publications that printed during the existence of the Institute, but also has a unique collection of rare books from the private collections of academician O.N. Sokolovsky, professors M.K. Krupsky,O.M. Mozheiko, O.M. Hrinnchenko, famous researchers G.S. Gryn, V.D. Kysil’, O.O. Kireyev. Exceptional value has Periodicals represented in the reading room of the library and has 26,200 issues of scientific journals on various topics. The library has a significant fund of encyclopedias. From 2013 the library entered into the electronic catalog, formed their own databases of books, journal articles, scientific works, abstracts and theses, reports, and more. The library maintains international cooperation with book exchange.

The Institute provides paid services on a contractual basis

The cost of services is as of May 2022

Registration of materials for obtaining copyright documents
Послуга Опис Індексована ціна грн
Registration of documents for obtaining patents, useful models 1552.56
Registration of documents for applying the Sign for goods and services 1288.25
Registration of documents for obtaining a certificate on the protection of copyright in the work 386.68
Rational use of resources and improving the efficiency of agricultural production management
Послуга Опис
Development of fertilizer system of crops on the results of agrochemical survey of fields (NPK, pN, humus) from 30 UAH/1 ha