Head of Laboratory - Maxim Solokha, PhD (Georg. Sciences)








Leading researcher
Yaroslava Borodina,PhD (Agricultural Sciences), Senior Researcher
Basic directions of research activities
  • Development and improvement of meth-ods for developing reference materials for soil composition (agrochemical indices) of soils; making individual parties of the standard samples (agrochemical indices) of soil (consisting of 
  • Centre for Public Soil Reference Materials Service by NSC ISSAR.
  • Implementation of measurement of indicators of soil samples and plant samples and water standardized and effective temporarily admitted to using techniques laboratory and analytical studies of application of modern means of the measured technology.
  • Development of new and improvement of existing methods of measuring parameters of soil properties.
  • Aeromonitoring by using unmanned aircraft systems.
Main research results
  • Developed International Standard of sample composition (agrochemical indices) of Сhernozem typical heavy loam, for use in public metrological supervision and control for measuring systems, certification of measurement, control errors of measurement results.
  • Developed of Industry certified reference materials for soil composition (agrochemical indices) of Chernozem ordinary and sod podzolized soil.
  • DSTU 7861: 2015 Soil Quality. Definition of metabolic calcium, magnesium and potassium in the soil by Shollenberher in modification of NSC ISSAR.
  • DSTU 7948: 2015 Soil Quality. Carrying out analyses.General requirements.
  • DSTU 8347: 2015 Soil Quality. Determination of available sulfur in modification of NSC ISSAR (with cancellation in Ukraine GOST 26490-85).
  • Brochure “Precision Agriculture - the future of agriculture”, 2015
  • The methodical approach of conversion aerial photos and spectral analysis of orthophotos with georeference

Basic services provided by the laboratory

  • Highly qualified specialists perform chem-ical, physico-chemical analysis of soil, ground-water, plants for basic and targeted research (19 indicators), conducting by research subdivisions of the Institute.
  • The laboratory performs work to agribusinesses, consults on methods of analysis of soil, water and plants.
  • Analysis of soil samples on a unique laboratory equipment of SoilCares company (Netherlands), where rapid methods can determine the content in the soil of basic macro- and microelements, organic matter, pH and particle size distribution.
  • Aerial photography for the rapid assessment of the state of agricultural crops and making recommendations about nitrogen fertilizers.