Head of Laboratory – PhD (Agricultural Sciences)

Alina Revtie








Leading researcher

Mykola Lisovy - Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, Senior Researcher

The laboratory has a unique experimental base on ISSAR Experimental Field "Slobozhanske" State Enterprise, which consists of 4 stationary and a number of short-term field and production experiments in Kharkiv and Chuguev areas of Kharkiv region (total area under the experiments is about 60 ha).

Basic directions of research activities

  • Standards of quality for products of natural soil fertility through the use of fertilizers for main crops in different soil and climatic zones of Ukraine.
  • Information database of field experiments with fertilizers and improving methods of statistical analysis of experimental data.
  • Determining the patterns of fertilization impact of varying intensity on indicators of chernozem typical fertility, crop rotation productivity and quality in the short and long term perspective.
  • Soil and plant nutrition diagnostics of crops.

Main research results


  • Information system “Stationary field experiments”.
  • Information-analytical system of organization and management of agricultural production”.
  • The calculation of the balance of humus and nutrients in agriculture of Ukraine”.
  • Information-analytical system of management of technological processes of growth of agricultural products of high quality”.
  • Information-analytical system of optimization rules of mineral fertilizer using the balance method for projected gross harvest of agricultural crops and improve soil fertility.

Main scientific publications

  • Agrochemical providing of agriculture of Ukraine till 2020 (conceptual provisions) / Eds. S.A. Baliuk, A.S. Zaryshnyak, M.V. Lisovy.
  • Reference of standard quality products of crops in different soil and climatic zones of Ukraine (reference and regulatory information) / Eds. Academician NAAS S.A. Baliuk, Doctor of Agricultural Sciences M.V. Lisovy.
  • Optimization of parameters of nutrient regime of chernozem typical to produce high quality of products (manual).
  • Scientific support of agrochemical providing in modern technologies of growing crops (recommendations).

Basic services provided by the Laboratory

  •  To the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine annual calculations:

    - The need for mineral fertilizers for farming of Ukraine by crops and administrative regions;

    - Balance of humus and nutrients in agriculture of Ukraine by crops and administrative regions.
  • To the agricultural enterprises of various forms:

    - Recommendations on fertilizing crops system depending on the actual content of nutrients in the soil;

    - Recommendations on fertilizing of winter crops by the actual content of mineral nitrogen in the soil;

    - Recommendations on foliar top dressing of winter wheat by the appliance “SPAD 502 Plus” to obtain high quality food grains;

    - Scientific support of the application of mineral fertilizers on the results of soil and plant diagnostics.
  • To the producers of mineral fertilizers, micronutrients, plant growth regulators and other agricultural chemicals:

    - Biological evaluation of the effectiveness of new products (experimental part of the State registration procedure).