Head of the Sector - PhD (Pedagogical Sciences), Senior Researcher, Corresponding Member of the Academy of Economic Sciences of Ukraine

Anatoliy Kucher


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Basic directions of research activities

  • Scientific and methodical bases of economy of soil degradation and sustainable soil management in agriculture.
  • Organizational and economic support of soil fertility reclamation and sustainable use of soil and land resources.
  • Scientific and methodological support for determining the economic efficiency of the agrochemicals usage, soil-protecting measures and innovative projects.
  • Scientific and methodical bases for assessment of ecological and economic losses from deterioration of soil fertility, erosion, industrial pollution.
  • Economic justification of effectiveness of innovative elements (precision, soil protecting, organic) technologies in crop production.
  • Institutional support of economic mechanism of soil fertility reclamation in the agrarian sector.

Main scientific results

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Rational use of resources and improving the efficiency of agricultural production management
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Development of business plans, business projects, production programs, innovation and investment projects of crop production under different growing technologies Calculated individually
Carrying out lectures and consultations
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On business planning and agrarian innovation and investment business projects PhD
On business planning and agrarian innovation and investment business projects Doctor of Sciences