Head of Laboratory - PhD (Agrarian Sciences)

Valeriy Kolyada


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Leading researchers
Dmytro TimchenkoPhD (Agricultural Sciences), Senior Researcher 
Oleksandr KruglovPhD (Geological Sciences)
Main directions of research activities
  • Soil erosion management: control and localization with modern methods of investiga-tions (GIS and RS Methodology, Agrotechnical Solutions).
  • Development of the modern concept for ecological-economical optimization of agricultural lands.
  • Research of theoretical and applied aspects of preservation and sustainable soil use taking into account soil erosion factors as esti-mated basis of designing conservation land-scapes in agrarian reform of soil surveillance, land quality assessment, soil remediation, agrotechnologies, and organic agriculture.

Main research results

  • Geosystem technology of erosion pro-cesses modelling.
  • System of measures to protect agricultural land against erosion and deflation.
  • Methods of soil-protective optimization of agricultural lands on the base of spatial combination with relief in the modern economic conditions.
  • Methods and computer technology of soil-protective expertise for land management projects.
  • Determination of soil erodibility on the degree of their humus formation potential.
  • Modern technology to protect erosion dangerous and deflationary dangerous lands of major soil and climatic zones of Ukraine for the land users of various form of ownership.
  • Concept of soil protection from erosion in Ukraine.
  • Baliuk S.A., Timchenko D.O., Gichka M.M., Kutsenko M.M. Concept of soil protection from erosion in Ukraine. Kharkiv: PE “Drukarnya №13”, 2008.
  • Zonal methodological recommendations on soil protection from erosion. Sytnyk  V.P., Baliuk S.A., Timchenko D.O. et al. Kharkiv: Planeta-Print, 2010.
  • Methodological recommendations on dust storms prognosis in Ukraine. Timchenko  D.O., Gichka M.M., Kolyada V.P. et al. Kharkiv: PPB Brodovsky I.V., 2010.
  • Kutsenko  M.V. Spatial optimization of ag-ricultural land structure. Journal of Agricultural Science, 2015. Vol. 5.
  • Scientific and applied bases of soil protection from erosion. Edited by S.A.  Baliuk, L.L. Tovazhnyansky. Kharkiv: NTU “KPI”, 2010.


The Institute provides paid services on a contractual basis

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Survey and evaluation of soil quality
Послуга Опис
Express assessment of erosion hazard of land and optimization of soil protection measures in the field of agricultural land management Calculated individually
Carrying out lectures and consultations
Послуга Опис Фіксована ціна грн
On assessment of erosion hazard and usage of land protection measures PhD 109.12
On assessment of erosion hazard and usage of land protection measures Doctor of Sciences 136.48