Head of Sector – PhD (Biological Sciences)

Olena Starchenko




Leading researcher
Oksana Naydyonova - PhD (Biological sciences), Senior Researcher


Main directions of research activities
  • The effect of soil microorganisms and it’s separate groups on transformation of substances and soil fertility formation (considering various agro-ecosystems).
  • Biodiagnostics of soils. Assessment of impact of natural factors and anthropogenic 
  • stressing on biological soil status.
  • Degradation of biological soil characteristics (biodegradation).
  • Effectiveness analysis of new biologicals in various soil and climatic conditions.

Main research results

  • “Complex assessment of the biological state of soil microbial system and its transformation in to the innovative farming systems” (scientific-methodical issue).
  • Collection of pure bacterial cultures of bacillus genus with identified agronomically useful properties, and which are also biological agents for development of new biological preparations.
  • Recommendations for experts who works in agricultural enterprices and farm lead-ers “Usage of bacterial fertilizers in resource efficient agrotechnologies on chernozemic soils of the Left-bank Forest-Steppe of Ukraine”.
  • Scientific support of rational use of soil microbiological resources under organic agriculture: “Conception of organic agriculture (soil and agrochemical support)”
  • Atlas оf Ukrainian Soils’ Suitableness to Organic Agriculture. Kharkiv: Smugasta typographiya, 2015. 
  • Conception of organic agriculture (soil-agrochemical supporting). Eds S.A.  Baliuk and O.I. Makliuk. Kharkiv: Smugasta typografia, 2015.
  • The strategy of balanced usage, reproduction and management of Ukrainian soil resources.(Chapter 5.8 Optimization of soil biological condition). Kyiv: Agrarian Science, 2012. 
  • Efficient use of soil resources and reproduction of soil fertility: organizational, economical, ecological and regulatory aspects. Kharkiv: Smugasta typographiya, 2015.
  • Five patents.
We offer
  • Assessing of soil biological activity and state of separate groups of soil microflora.
  • Diagnosing of soil biological degradation and providing recommendations for it prevention.
  • Providing advices on performance of biological stage of recultivation on contaminated and disrupted soils; quality control of recultivation works.
  • Testing and scientific expertise concerning the effectiveness of biological preparations.
  • Development of complex biological manures based on it’s enrichment with pure, selected bacterial cultures – both active antagonists and growth stimulators.
  • Lectures and scientific consultations on soil biological diagnostics and application of biologicals.

The Institute provides paid services on a contractual basis

The cost of services is as of December 2018

Diagnosis of nutrition and increase of crop yields
Послуга Опис
Increasing the yield of agricultural crops due to the latest agro-applications of biological products Calculated individually
Increasing the yield of crops by 10-20% due to the optimal use of biologically active trace elements From 20 UAH per 1 ha
Rational use of resources and improving the efficiency of agricultural production management
Послуга Опис
Conservation of effective soil fertility in conditions of its contamination with pesticides and heavy metals with the use of monitoring of biological activity of the soil on the fields of agro-enterprises from 15 UAH per 1 ha
Determining the level of availability of soil nutrients (NPK) and the reaction of soil solution (pH) with the results in a report 15 UAH/1 ha
Determination of the state of the soil microflora and its biological activity
Послуга Опис Індексована ціна грн
Definition of amonification activity 252.73
Determination of dehydrogenase activity 212.62
Determination of inverted activity 219.31
Determination of the physiological and taxonomic composition of soil microorganisms 971.96
Determination of nitrification activity 359.70
Determination of polyphenol oxidase activity 73.27
Determination of soil toxicity 351.97
Determination of peroxidase activity 112.95
Determination of cellulose-destroying activity 331.36
Selection of microbes-stimulants 1748.02
Determination of phytotoxic properties of soil microorganisms 1743.97
Cartographic materials in GIS format
Послуга Опис Фіксована ціна грн
Soils of Ukraine 3200.00
Deviation of the actual density of soils from the optimum (in a layer 10-50 cm) 500.00