Head of Department - PhD (Agricultural Sciences)

Vadim Solovey



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Leading researchers
Sergiy KanivetsPhD (Agricultural Sciences), Senior Researcher
Volodymyr Velychko - Professor, Doctor of agricultural Sciences, Corresponding Member of NAAS of Ukraine
Main research activities
  • Diagnosis and classification of soils.
  • Mapping of soils.
  • Assessment of soil fertility.
  • Zoning of soil.
  • Parameterization of soil and ecological relationships.
  • Evaluating the suitability of soils for organic farming.

Main scientific results

  • Parametric diagnostics of above the type level of soil classification
  • Parametric relationship between content of physical clay and total chemical composition of soil
  • Genetic environmental-substantive classification of soils in Ukraine on the parametric basis.
  • Procedure of large-scale survey of soil cover of Ukraine
  • Maps “Soils of Ukraine” (1: 1,430,000) and “ Soils of Kherson region, environmental resources and normative productivity of crops” (1: 200 000);
  •  Assessment system for soil agricultural quality by agro-soil potentials of natural and effective fertility
  • Natural content of phosphorus in soils depending on their genesis
  • Natural mechanism of slope soils protection from water erosion
  • Soil-ecological zoning of Ukraine
  • Soil zoning by suitability for organic farming in Ukraine
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  • Atlas of soil suitability for organic farming in Ukraine (zonal aspects). Kharkiv: Smugasta typographiya, 2015.
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  • The patent for utility model number 101351 from 10.09.2015. “Method of quantitative determination of above type level of soilforming.”
  • Solovey V.B., Bilivets I.I. Guide of field tour for participants of IX Congress delegates of USSSA Conference 30.06-04.07.2014. Mykolaiv, 2014.

Basic services provided by the Department

  • Soil and soil-agrochemical large-scale and detailed soil survey.
  • Scientific examination of soil quality.
  • Scientific substantiation of rational use of soil according to their ecological and genetic characteristics


The Institute provides paid services on a contractual basis

The cost of services is as of May 2022