Head of Department - PhD (Agricultural Sciences)

Vadim Solovey



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Leading researchers
Sergiy KanivetsPhD (Agricultural Sciences), Senior Researcher
Volodymyr Velychko - Professor, Doctor of agricultural Sciences, Corresponding Member of NAAS of Ukraine
Main research activities
  • Diagnosis and classification of soils.
  • Mapping of soils.
  • Assessment of soil fertility.
  • Zoning of soil.
  • Parameterization of soil and ecological relationships.
  • Evaluating the suitability of soils for organic farming.

Main scientific results

  • Parametric diagnostics of above the type level of soil classification
  • Parametric relationship between content of physical clay and total chemical composition of soil
  • Genetic environmental-substantive classification of soils in Ukraine on the parametric basis.
  • Procedure of large-scale survey of soil cover of Ukraine
  • Maps “Soils of Ukraine” (1: 1,430,000) and “ Soils of Kherson region, environmental resources and normative productivity of crops” (1: 200 000);
  •  Assessment system for soil agricultural quality by agro-soil potentials of natural and effective fertility
  • Natural content of phosphorus in soils depending on their genesis
  • Natural mechanism of slope soils protection from water erosion
  • Soil-ecological zoning of Ukraine
  • Soil zoning by suitability for organic farming in Ukraine
  • Polupan M.I., Solovey V.B., Velichko V.A. Soil Classification in Ukraine. K: Agricultural Science, 2005. 
  • Determinant of environmental and genetic status and soil fertility in Ukraine / M.I.Polupan, V.B.Solovey, V.I.Kissel, V.A.Velichko. Kyiv: Koloobih, 2005.
  • Polupan M.I., Baliuk S.A., Solovey V.B., Velichko V.A., Volkov P.O. Natural mechanism of slope soils` protection from water erosion. / Ed. M.I.Polupan. Kyiv: Fenix, 2011. 
  • Atlas of soil suitability for organic farming in Ukraine (zonal aspects). Kharkiv: Smugasta typographiya, 2015.
  • State Program “Large-scale Survey of Soil Cover in Ukraine” (scientific and organizational framework) / Ed. S.A. Baliuk, A.V. Kucher, V.B. Solovey. Kharkiv: Smugasta typographiya, 2015. 
  • National Program for Soil Protection in Ukraine / Ed. S.A Baliuk, V.V. Medvedev, M.M. Miroshnychenko. Kharkiv: Smugasta typographiya, 2015. 
  • The patent for utility model number 101351 from 10.09.2015. “Method of quantitative determination of above type level of soilforming.”
  • Solovey V.B., Bilivets I.I. Guide of field tour for participants of IX Congress delegates of USSSA Conference 30.06-04.07.2014. Mykolaiv, 2014.

Basic services provided by the Department

  • Soil and soil-agrochemical large-scale and detailed soil survey.
  • Scientific examination of soil quality.
  • Scientific substantiation of rational use of soil according to their ecological and genetic characteristics


The Institute provides paid services on a contractual basis

The cost of services is as of February 2019

Survey and evaluation of soil quality
Послуга Опис
Creation (update) of district soil maps and maps of ecological resources and normative productivity of agricultural crops (1 district region) Calculated individually
Scientific expertise of soil cover on the basis of archival cartographic materials from 7 UAH per 1 ha
Scientific expertise of quality and soil fertility on the basis of archival cartographic materials from 20 UAH per 1 ha
Expertise of soil cover (with departure to the object) Calculated individually
Carrying out lectures and consultations
Послуга Опис Фіксована ціна грн
On fertility of soil cover Doctor of Sciences 136.48
On fertility of soil cover PhD 109.12