Ukrainian Soil Information Center (USIC)

The Ukrainian Soil Information Center (USIC) was established on the basis of the National Scientific Center "Institute for Soil Science and Agrochemistry Research named after O.N. Sokolovsky" in order to:

  • accumulate, process and disseminate data on the state and quality of soils of Ukraine;
  • provide complete, up-to-date information on the state and quality of soils for scientific institutions, economic entities, public authorities, territorial communities, public organizations and the population of Ukraine;
  • exchange information on soils with national and international organizations;
  • implement intersectoral research work and create information products on the state and quality of soils, development of national information infrastructure and its integration into the relevant global infrastructure.

The main activities of the Ukrainian Soil Information Center:

  • creation and coordination of the functioning of the national soil-information network of data exchange taking into account international requirements;
  • providing consumers with information on the quality and state of soils in Ukraine;
  • interaction with the exchange of data related to soils and related data with other state information systems in Ukraine;
  • organization of information support for soil monitoring as part of the state environmental monitoring system;
  • promoting the creation of conditions for the exchange of information on the soils of Ukraine between national and foreign users and suppliers (providers) of data, and for the communication of Ukrainian data providers with the world leading soil information centers; creation of a national soil database and organization of a stable mode of its functioning in real time with access through a web portal;
  • formation of data sets for research work by the Center's employees and data suppliers (providers);
  • harmonization of the national classification of soils with the WRB (World Reference Base for soil Resource) system of classification and indexing of horizons and soil properties;
  • cooperation and support of scientific relations with international organizations in the field of creation and use of databases related to soils;
  • creation of information products - maps, atlases, booklets, reference materials on the state of the soil cover and soil quality of Ukraine and recommendations on priority activities for soil protection;
  • creation and support of soil information web portal of Ukraine;
  • generalization and periodical publication (by open press and web portal) of the Center's information products;
  • dissemination of information on international agreements ratified by Ukraine on protection and rational use of soils and lands;
  • promoting the implementation of national and international standards for soil research and cooperation with international organizations in this field.

Head of the Ukrainian Soil Information Center: Academician of NAAS, Professor, Doctor of Agricultural Sciences Sviatoslav Baliuk

Tel .: + 038 (057) 704-16-69, e-mail: