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Investment and innovation projects

Dear investors and potential participants of investment and innovation projects!

National Scientific Center "Institute for Soil Science and Agrochemistry Research named after O.N. Sokolovsky" - leads and coordinates scientific research work on soil protection, soil science and agrochemistry. Scientists of the Institute offer innovation-oriented developments in the field of soil protection and rational use. We bring to your attention a list of developments prioritized for transfer to agricultural production. The technical and economic justification of some innovative developments is presented in the form of innovative investment projects. In addition, the specialists of the Institute provide consulting support to agricultural producers and other interested parties on topical issues of extraction and application of soil phosphorites of the Izyum group of deposits in agriculture, the creation of the Scientific Park "Soil Quality Analytical Center" in Ukraine, the creation of a regional air monitoring center in the Kharkiv region, etc.

Creation of the Scientific Park "Analytical Center for Soil Quality" in the Kharkiv Region

Creation of a regional air monitoring center in the Kharkiv region

Development of the Izyum deposit and use of ground phosphorites in agriculture

Engineering project of processing chicken droppings into peat compost

Varietal diagnosis of nutrition of agricultural crops

Оптимізація використання земельних (ґрунтових) ресурсів агровиробників