» Laboratory of Organic Fertilizers and Humus

Laboratory of Organic Fertilizers and Humus

Head of Laboratory
Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, Professor
Coordinator for International Cooperation

Skrylnyk Yevhen Volodymyrovych


Leading scientists

Senior Research Fellow
PhD in Agricultural Sciences, Senior Researcher

Kutova Angela Mykolaivna

Research Fellow
PhD in Agricultural Sciences

Artemyeva Kateryna Serhiivna


Main areas of scientific activity

  • Monitoring of the agrochemical and humus state of soils under different fertilization and tillage systems.
  • Study of patterns of transformation of organic matter of soils of different genesis under the influence of modern agricultural technologies.
  • Methods of controlling the transformation of the humus state of soils under agrogenic influence of different intensity.
  • Agrochemical characteristics of local raw materials of various origins and the development of technologies for their processing into organic and organo-mineral fertilizers with the preparation of regulatory and technical documentation (technical conditions and technological regulations).
  • Performance of measurements in the field of environmental control (certificate of compliance of the measurement system with the requirements of DSTU ISO 10012:2005, No. 01-0104/2017). The field of certification is the quality of soil organic matter, local raw materials, organic and organo-mineral fertilizers, biostimulants.

The most important research results

  • Biocomposting technology of cattle manure with phosphorites with the participation of phosphate-mobilizing microorganisms (practical recommendations), 2011
  • The use of straw and harvest residues as organic fertilizers to improve the humus condition of soils (recommendations), 2012.
  • Rational ways of processing and using bird droppings in agricultural production (recommendations), 2012.
  • Utility model patent 103255 Method of processing sewage sludge of long-term storage into fertilizer
  • Utility model patent 116281 Method of determining effective soil fertility
  • Utility model patent 121447 Method of obtaining biologically active fertilizer
  • Utility model patent 125036 Method of obtaining liquid nitrogen-containing organo-mineral fertilizers
  • DSTU 7880:2015 Organic fertilizers. Requirements for use in organic production
  • DSTU 7881:2015 Organic and organo-mineral fertilizers. Nomenclature of quality indicators
  • DSTU 7926:2015 Soil quality. Method for determining total carbon and nitrogen in organogenic samples
  • DSTU 7923:2015 Soil quality. Humus state. Nomenclature of indicators of Agrotechnology of production and application of new types of fertilizers (recommendations), 2018
  • Production of fertilizers based on secondary raw materials and their involvement in crop fertilization systems under organic production conditions (recommendations), 2018

Main achievements in international activities

  • Agreement with the Climate and Sustainable Development Research Institute (Netherlands) - "Post-war recovery and energy independence strategy through the introduction of biogas in Ukrainian agriculture" (2023).
  • Agreement with the company "BIOVERT" (Spain) - "Evaluation of the biological effectiveness of the fertilizer MANVERT/MANVERT (brands MANVERT Biomix, MANVERT Movili-Sa, MANVERT Nutrifics) for state registration" (2022).
  • Implementation of the international project commissioned by FAO: "Technology of production and application of organic and organo-mineral soil conditioners for soil carbon management" (2019-2020).
    As part of the project:
  • Evaluation of organic materials of various origins as a component of soil improvers for highly effective increase of organic carbon;
  • Theoretical foundations and technological approaches to the production of organic and organo-mineral soil improvers with an increased content of organic carbon.
  • Agreement with Agroterm Kft. (Hungary) - "Evaluation of the biological efficiency of the fertilizer Blue Copper Nano / Blue Copper Nano for state registration" (2019).
  • Contract with the European Institute of Agrophysics (PRC) - "Development of technologies for stabilization and improvement of soil fertility in Henan Province" (2017).