» Agrochemistry Department named after Academician of NAAS B. S. Nosko

Agrochemistry Department named after Academician of NAAS B. S. Nosko

Head of Department
Doctor of Biological Sciences, Senior Researcher,
Corresponding member of the National Academy of Agrarian Sciences

Miroshnychenko Mykola Mykolayovych


Leading scientists

Leading Research Fellow
PhD in Agricultural Sciences, Senior Researcher

Khristenko Anatoly Oleksandrovych

Senior Research Fellow
PhD in Agricultural Sciences, Senior Researcher
Coordinator for International Cooperation

Hladkih Yevgenia Yuriivna

Senior Research Fellow
PhD in Agricultural Sciences, Senior Researcher

Panasenko Yevhenii Volodymyrovych

Senior Research Fellow
PhD in Agricultural Sciences

Volosheniuk Olesya Petrivna


Main areas of scientific activity

  • Agrochemical support of agriculture.
  • Assessment of damages due to a decrease in soil fertility.
  • Diagnosis of mineral nutrition of plants.
  • Environmental aspects of fertilizer application in agriculture.
  • The effect of anhydrous ammonia on soil and ecological characteristics.
  • Monitoring of soil fertility and cycling of C, N, P, K, S and trace elements in the soil-fertilizer-plant system.
  • Fertilization and land suitability for organic production.
  • Research on carbon emission and sequestration.
  • Modern soil and plant diagnostics.
  • Ecological and agrochemical assessment of land and soil suitability for organic production

The most important research results

  • Monographs "Anthropogenic evolution of chernozems", "Agrochemical aspects of environmentalization of agriculture", a guide for employees of AIP "Fertilizers";
  • Normative and methodical provision of accurate determination of the content of mobile compounds of phosphorus and potassium and total nitrogen in soils;
  • Conceptual model of biological agriculture based on the creation of zones of trophic comfort of plants;
  • System of fertilization of agricultural crops based on accurate diagnosis of soil fertility;
  • Technologies for effective use of phosphorites from local deposits in Ukraine;
  • The department is the first among the CIS countries to develop a system of national standards for methods of determining nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in the country's soil. The use of these regulatory documents can increase the efficiency of fertilizers by 30-50%.

Main achievements in international activities

The Agrochemistry Department conducted research in cooperation with international partners within the framework of the following bilateral agreements:

  • with International Plant Nutrition Institute – «Evaluation of the potassium status of Ukrainian soils on the basis of modern soil diagnostic techniques and development recommendations for the rational and efficient application of potassium fertilizers» -2011-2012
  • with SoilCares ResearchV. – «Assessment of soil fertility and nutrition of winter wheat based on wet chemistry methods and sensorlab of SoilCare for development satellite diagnosis» – 2016 and «Scientific and Technical Providing for Introducing SoilCares Laboratory to the Agroholdings in Ukraine» – 2017
  • with Syngenta – «Monitoring and assessment of the “carbon footprint” on soils used for agricultural crops» – 2021-2022

Employees of the department contributed to the preparation of a number of international publications under the auspices of FAO: “A protocol for measurement, monitoring, reporting and verification of soil organic carbon in agricultural landscapes – GSOC-MRV Protocol”. Rome, 2020, “Global status of black soils“. Rome, 2022, The International Code of Conduct for the Sustainable Use and Management of Fertilizers. Rome, 2020. (translation into Ukrainian – 2023)

In 2024-2026, the Agrochemistry Department will participate in the implementation of the project "Future Agricultural Resource Management and Water Innovations for a Sustainable Europe" ("FARMWISE") within the framework of the "HORIZON-Europe" program.