» Registration data

Registration data

1. NSC ISSAR, as a participant of the European framework programs for research and innovation (in particular, HORIZONT 2020), has undergone the appropriate validation procedure and has been entered into the database of the European Research Executive Agency since March 28, 2012. Participant ID number PIC=962522465.

2. In order to participate in some calls of the HORIZONT 2020 program, participants of the project consortium need to have additional registration in the database of the Directorate-General for International Cooperation and Development. The corresponding registration in the EuropeAid PADOR Helpdesk of the NSC ISSAR took place on February 4, 2016 and received an identification code PADOR EuropeAid: UA-2016-FDM-0402428241.

3. As a potential recipient of grants from the European Commission, the NSC ISSAR is also registered in the database Directorate-General for Budget. The identification number of its LEF 6 Legal Entity Form is 6000409145.

4. In 2019, NSC ISSAR was registered as a service provider on the portal of the United Nations Global Marketplace - the system of the United Nations Organization for making purchases with the receipt of a unique registration number of UN service supplier: UNGM 646786.

Contact person: Arkady Levin, e-mail: alevin@ukr.net