» List of the main services of the Institute

List of the main services of the Institute

The Institute cooperates with agricultural producers to improve business efficiency in the following main areas::

  • scientific expertise of soil cover and soil fertility, digital mapping of soil cover. Contact persons: Solovey V. B., Plisko I. V.
  • integrated environmental monitoring of the state of the natural environment in the territory of production activities of enterprises; post-project monitoring of the environmental impact of introduced measures; environmental monitoring of the state of individual environmental components (soil, underground and surface water, atmospheric air, noise, vibration, gamma radiation; post-project monitoring based on the conclusions of the Department of production activities (ATS).
    Contact person: Smirnova K. B.
  • assessment of soil quality and suitability for targeted use.
    Contact person: Plisko I. V.
  • comprehensive assessment of soil biological activity. Biodiagnostics of degradation processes in soils contaminated with heavy metals, pesticides, petroleum products, etc. Development of biological remediation measures for contaminated soils.
    Contact person: Naidenova A. E.
  • determination of the effectiveness of new biological products under various soil and climatic conditions.
    Contact person: Naidenova A. E.
  • services for determining the quality of soils, plants and water by chemical and instrumental methods.
    Contact person: Solokha M. A.
  • services for determining the chemical composition of raw materials of various origins, fertilizers based on it, and developing technologies for the production of solid and liquid organic and organo-mineral fertilizers.
    Contact person: Skryl'nik E. V.
  • state tests on the biological effectiveness of agrochemicals with recommendations on their effective and environmentally safe use.
    Contact person: Skryl'nik E. V.
  • diagnostics of mineral nutrition of agricultural crops; assessment of changes in soil fertility during economic activity.
    Contact persons:  Miroshnichenko N. N., Revtye-Uvarova A.V.
  • development of resource-saving crop fertilization systems.
    Contact persons:  Miroshnichenko N. N., Revtye-Uvarova A.V.
  • soil, agrochemical, soil-reclamation, and soil-ecological land surveys.
    Contact person: Zakharova M. A.
  • monitoring of the state of crops using remotely piloted aircraft.
    Contact person: Solokha M. A.
  • rapid assessment of the risk of land erosion and optimization of soil protection measures of intra-municipal land management.
    Contact person:  Kolyada V. P.

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